What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – February 2022

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – February 2022

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for were this past month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Milton Public Schools moving to masks optional

“3/7 masks optional”

2. Grono & Christie Jewelers closing

“Got this in today’s mail. Sad…”

Grono and CHristie jewelers closing image

Courtesy photo from Milton Neighbors group.

3. Favorite vet recommendations requested

New to Milton – who is your favorite Vet? My dog is my life, so it’s imperative to me he’s in the best possible hands! ☺️ He’s only 2 1/2 & has only ever had one vet (back in Nashville) so I’m a bit anxious about finding the right one & would greatly appreciate input from actual humans locally! ”

4. Emergency at the Fruit Center

“I just came from the Milton Fruit Center, when I got there, I saw police officers in the store, somber mood in the store, so I asked a person who worked for the store, what was going on. The young associate, clearly shaken, explained that a young lady, who suffers from a mental health issue, was having an episode, the police were there to try to help her..”

5. Crossing the highway in East Milton almost impossible in snow

“How we are actually supposed to cross the highway in East Milton Square? Nothing shoveled and really unsafe more than normal! DPW or construction crew couldn’t help out?”

Crossing the highway in east milton during snow

Courtesy photo from Milton Neighbors group.

6. What are the best private preschools in Milton?

60 varied comments!

7. Old image of Hendries Dairy Bar (click to see photo!)

“Hendrie’s Dairy Bar was opened in 1940 in Edward T. O’Neill Square, at the junction of Central Avenue and Eliot Street. The former Bent’s Cracker Factory at 131 Eliot Street was completely remodeled for the manufacture of Hendrie’s Ice Cream, which later became this popular dairy bar that served delicious ice cream and sandwiches….”

8. Remembering Lu Monteiro

“I am so lost for words on Friday feb 11 at 214 am Lu Monteiro gained his wings after a tragic car accident this is my best friends little brother so he was my little brother can someone please help clear up these pictures of him so we can have around the funeral home and announcements I’m posting a lot of pics that show his true self but lighting and distance and backgrounds need some tweaking JR is a war vet and was taken too soon leaving a 1 month old daughter and fiancée and millions of loved ones.”

9. Volunteer substitute teacher report

“Report back from my first day as a substitute teacher at Pierce! Eighth grade Science 🙂 The teacher gave the students an assignment, I was there as a monitor. Everyone at Pierce was wonderfully helpful and kind and the students were great.” (Editor’s note: the author of this post graciously donated her earnings from substitute teaching to No Kid Hungry.)

10. Unhappy resident: East Milton Square overpass progress

“What a joke listening to MASS DOT explanation on E Milton Progress during tonight’s Select Board meeting!”

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