Regina Campbell-Malone announces candidacy for Milton School Committee

Regina Campbell-Malone
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Regina Campbell-Malone announces candidacy for Milton School Committee

​I am Regina Campbell-Malone, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for School Committee, and humbly request your support on Election Day – April 26th. I am the parent of a “Tucker Tiger,” Town Meeting Member (Precinct 1) , scientist, adjunct instructor at Bridgewater State University, experienced middle school science educator and mentor, dedicated town volunteer, and your neighbor.

I am a proud product of public school education (K-12), a first-generation college student, and the first in my family to pursue a graduate degree. I earned my doctoral degree from MIT and later pursued research at leading scientific academic institutions including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Brown University, and Johns Hopkins. I have also served as an educational leader in some of the most renowned independent schools in the U.S.

I bring a track record of service working as a Town Meeting Member, participating in policy advocacy work with the Milton Anti-Racist Coalition, and volunteering as a community representative on multiple MPS hiring committees. I am well equipped with an understanding of how Milton town government and the School Committee work together to operate and oversee the Milton Public Schools.

My vision for MPS is one where each day, every student is engaged deeply in critical-thinking, core skill development, and feels the sense of belonging they need to be able to learn and thrive. My three core priorities as a Milton School Committee member include:

  1. Academic Achievement: Students, teachers, and school administrators are still healing from the effects of this pandemic, and the lingering footprint of unfinished learning is apparent in formative assessments. Data-driven follow through with targeted and strengthened instruction will allow our students to master grade level-learning over time. This district can and MUST also foster a culture of increased expectations for all students.
  2. Belonging and Building Bridges: All students should feel safe, supported, and a sense of belonging within our school community. While students SHOULD be at the center of the public school community, teachers, administrators, and family members are ALSO important stakeholders with valued voices and ideas. I will honor transparency in budgeting while advancing critical school building initiatives, facilities planning and support staff needs to meet our enrollment growth and to ensure that budget decisions reflect our values as a town.
  3. Curricular Innovation: Nurturing curricular innovation starts with developing standardized, equitable hiring policies and evaluation standards that set up MPS to successfully support and retain a world class, diverse cohort of teachers and educational leaders. I also hope to spearhead a district-wide STEM/STEAM assessment and action plan to take stock of MPS’s many STEM/STEAM assets and opportunities for improvement or growth. A state-of-the-art integrated STEM/STEAM curriculum will prepare all students to be critical-thinkers, competent consumers of information and technology, and engaged citizens.

My goal as a member of the Milton School Committee is to foster a rigorous public school system in my community that is accessible, equitable, and just for ALL students.

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