What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – March 2022

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – March 2022

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for were this past month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Spirited Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) discussion

“The Milton Scene published an informative article about ADUs, which simplifies and highlights the proposed Bylaw changes in Milton. Hopefully this will clear up the misinformation being floated around town and provoke excellent discussion 🙂”

2. Expensive electricity

“Hi neighbors! I just got my first electric bill and it’s $704 for 30 days. Does this sound right to you guys?! I’m ONE human, in a small ONE bedroom apartment (there are 6 other apartments in this house). I do have electric heat but I keep thermostat on 60 & 63. I don’t even use the lights during the day and barely watch TV. I don’t have a washer/dryer either. There’s no way electricity is $704 for 1 person in a small 3 room apartment?!”

3. Lawn-saving rocks needed

lawn saving rocks

“Does anybody know where I can get rocks like these? I checked Lowe’s and Home Depot and they don’t have anything quite like that (either too big, or too small, or sold in bulk). They seem very common as street-side edging like that. I want to get some to discourage drivers from pulling up onto the grass and crushing my plantings/flowers. My street is one way and there’s no parking on my side, but that doesn’t seem to stop them… 🙁”

4. Misinformation in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Discussions

“The topic of ADUs has been spiritedly debated over the last year, and one of the consequences has been the dissemination of misinformation. This particular article addresses a need that has been articulated through our Town’s Housing Production Plans (HPP) spanning the last twenty years. This is an alternative housing opportunity that will offer relief to individuals and families of Milton experiencing economic hardship, access to needed companionship and care, the ability to age in place (AARP supports: https://www.aarp.org/…/accessory-dwelling-units-adus.html) and the option to stay in our Town…”

5. Beloved Milton teen dies in vacation accident

“A girl from Milton who attends Buckingham Browne & Nichols School has died in a boating accident while on vacation in Aruba. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Murray family.”

6. East Milton Square construction update

“⚠️🚧 UPDATE: Had the pleasure of attending a MASS DOT briefing yesterday morning in E. Milton Square relative to the project’s delay and current timeline. I was allowed inside the fencing of Milton’s Big Dig or the Deck to Nowhere. The view from inside looking out is even worse. State and local leaders including the MA DOT Secretary of Transportation Jamey Tesler and many business owners were present. Voices of elected officials drowned out by traffic and shouts of “Finish the Damn thing” were heard more than once by passing vehicles! In conclusion: Enjoy the ugliness and continued traffic delays until October 2022! 🚧⚠️”

7. Neighborly gratitude

“Today I tripped on nothing and face planted into the sidewalk. Thank you to the wonderful Milton neighbor who saw me, stopped her car, made sure I was okay, gave me tissues to wipe up the blood and offered me a ride home. I feel lucky that I’m fine after my tumble, and I feel very lucky to live in this community with such good neighbors. Thank you! ♥️

8. Miltonian scores game winner in Northeastern championship game

“With 9 seconds left in the season
Milton’s own Aidan McDonough scored the game winner to give Northeastern mens hockey its first ever league championship in school history.
Couldn’t be prouder
Click to watch video”

9. Speeding and accident concerns

“When is Milton police going to put up speed traps on 138 ? People drive likes it’s a freeway. Horrible avoidable accident.”

10. Help needed with ceiling woes

ceiling paint peeling

“Hi neighbors. We are looking for a painter who can strip a ceiling with calcimine paint and then repaint it. Thank you.

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