The importance of mindfulness practices in your small business – Small Business Corner

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The importance of mindfulness practices in your small business – Small Business Corner

The ability to be present and mindful, to stay focused intentionally, is a really useful skill to have in the workplace. Small businesses with mindful practices are better equipped to compete in today’s ever-changing environment.

Here are some ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workplace:

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are some of the most cost-effective methods available. Yoga and meditation are good for your mind and body, with benefits including stress management, increased concentration and focus, self-confidence and overall fitness. There are many apps and programs available for meditation and yoga.  Shine, Meditation Studio, Headspace, and Calm are just some of the apps and training programs available, to name a few.

Brain breaks and unscheduled time

Seven or eight minute bursts of mindfulness can result in more productive, helpful and pleasant employees. Just a few minutes of mindfulness can generate new ideas, an extremely valuable skill during times of uncertainty. It has become harder to find quiet moments, hence the need to schedule them into our busy calendars.

Leverage automation

It is acceptable to rely on automation. Take advantage of the variety of companies and services available that encourage automation, which will allow for you to focus on other areas of your work that cannot be completed by software programs.

Boost productivity

We are able to be more productive when we are less affected by mental and physical stressors. Mindfulness gets to the route of stressors, and redirects brain waves to ensure that focus and attention remains centered on the task at hand.

The more that mindfulness is practiced, the more the mind is trained in focusing, which will mean fewer distractions to get in the way of a productive day!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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