Efficient marketing in a tricky economy – Small Business Corner

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Efficient marketing in a tricky economy – Small Business Corner

It’s 2023 and changes in the economy can be a little panic inducing for small businesses and consumers alike.

Take a deep breath. Now is the time to maximize your advertising and marketing efforts. It’s not the time to panic and shrink your marketing budget.

If you can’t afford a full-scale marketing effort, look for inexpensive alternatives such as social media marketing, webinars, press releases, email blasts, blogs, and online newsletters. Don’t try to curtail or stop your marketing efforts, unless you want to decrease your business revenue.

To track your ROI (return on investment), make sure your marketing efforts last at least six months. Take the time to research the most effective marketing channels that will bring you the best results for your business.

For example, if you are an auto repair shop, you probably don’t want to in invest advertising on Twitter. Think about where your customers are, what they’re like, and where they consume your info – and invest your marketing time and money in those places.

For example, email marketing remains the most effective marketing channel for small businesses. It offers an impressive ROI, and owning your email list means you can use it more freely.

Marketing and advertising can be confusing and time-consuming. We have built a massive audience in Milton, MA, and our Milton Scene Business Membership offers a quick, economical and effective advertising strategy which gives small businesses access to our huge audience. Click here to try it out for $10.

Advertising campaigns are highly effective at increasing customer loyalty, engaging with consumers in meaningful ways, and eliciting desired behaviors. With the right strategy to support your advertising campaigns, your brand can achieve this and more.

Happy 2023!

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