Tips for managing kids and your business on summer break – Small Business Corner

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Tips for managing kids and your business on summer break-Small Business Corner

School will soon be out for the summer! While this is exciting for the children, it can be challenging on the small business owners who often work from home. We have some tips to help you manage the children AND your small business during the summer break!

Plan activities

Some great activities to have readily available for children to do are board games, crafts, videos to watch or books to read. Simply giving your children something to do will keep them occupied and let you get back to your business. When possible, offer them productive jobs to do to help them better understand your ‘work time’.

Summer camps

Check out the various summer camps available (we have a handy list of recommendations you can view here: and see if one of them is right for you and your family and you could just reclaim four to six hours of your day!

Care share

You can identify other like-minded families in your area and share the responsibility of watching each others children. Then you can set up a schedule so you can plan to watch the children while they work and they watch yours while you work. Trading off with people you know and trust can give you the uninterrupted time you need to focus on work while they are safe and having fun with friends.

Ask for help

If your parents or extended family live close, you can ask them for help. You will find that you are more successful if you enlist the help of others.

While it may cause some stress, it is possible to manage both your small business and your children over the long, hot summer months! Make sure you also enjoy your time with your children and try to have some fun!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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