Milton Police Log: December 23 – December 31, 2022

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: December 23 – December 31, 2022

12/23/2022 08:56 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports that he is rrecieving threatening calls. See report.

12/23/2022 14:01 RANDOLPH AVENUE Accident – P/I

911 caller repots MVA in the area listed above. MA REG 2HE153, MA REG 2AMN56, IN REG 2702510. Fallon reports transporting three parties to SS Hospital. Akiki was notified for two tows. See Report.

12/23/2022 14:38 MEAGHER AVENUE Trespass Complaint

Caller reports a party soliciting around area above. Caller is upset because he had a no trespassing sign on his property. Officer checked the area with negative results.

12/24/2022 00:07 BILLINGS STREET Mutual Aid (Sent)

Randolph PD requested assistance with an uncooperative crowd at the above address. Officer’s stood-by to keep the peace. Randolph PD handled the matter.

12/24/2022 00:38 RANDOLPH AVENUE / HALLEN AVENUE Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reported her 15 year old daughter left the house and would not return. Caller reported she was in her vehicle following her daughter and they were located at the above area. Officer located the party and transported her home. See report for particulars.

12/24/2022 09:15 93 North Squantum St Exit Assist Other Departments

State police reports roll over at above address Fire and Fallon notified. Fallon reports one patient refusal and one patient transport to BI Milton.

12/24/2022 10:02 WESTBOURNE STREET Suspicious Activity

Walk in party reports literature was put on his car last night. See attached photo.

12/24/2022 13:46 WINTHROP STREET Other Crimes

Walk in party reports SP activity through SnapChat. See Report.

12/24/2022 21:10 BROOK ROAD / REEDSDALE ROAD Accident – H&R

Caller reports a H&R. MA Reg 1LTY73. See Report.

12/24/2022 22:00 HIGHLAND STREET Suspicious Activity

Milton Hospital ER reports an aggressive party. Ofc reports party had calmed down while they were there and he’s waiting to be seen by Mental Health Clinician.

12/24/2022 23:17 HIGHLAND STREET Suspicious Activity

Milton Hospital ER reports needing help with aggressive party from earlier. Officer reported the staff was able to calm the patient down. Peace restored.

12/25/2022 00:14 SCHOOL STREET / CENTRAL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reported his neighbors porch light was flashing on and off. Officer reported they searched the area with no signs of a disturbance.

12/25/2022 06:58 CANTON AVENUE Assist Other Departments

911 Caller reported not feeling well at the above address. Milton Fire and Fallon notified to handle. Officer reported the apartment was vacant. The caller was living in Standish Village in Boston. Staff at Standish Village was notified and Boston EMS as well.

12/25/2022 12:28 BLUE HILL AVENUE / BRUSH HILL ROAD Accident – P/I

Multiple 911 callers reported a motor vehicla accident. Fire and Fallon notified. Officer reported MA 5MM196 and 1MSE14 as the vehicles invovled. Akiki Towing notified to respond. See report.

12/25/2022 20:57 EDGEHILL ROAD Accident – P/D

911 Caller reports a motor vehicle accident. Officer repors MA REF RWE100 and 39RY13 were assisted in paperswap.

12/25/2022 21:07 EDGEHILL ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports generator making loud noises. A message was left with the Collicot Schools front office about issue.

12/25/2022 22:48 WASHINGTON STREET Animal Complaint

Caller reports animal complaint. Officer reports nothing showing in the area.

12/26/2022 15:12 DYER AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports SP activity on her ring doorbell. Officer to file report on next tour.

12/26/2022 15:36 CHILTON PARK Suspicious Activity

Walk in reports a scam. See report.

12/26/2022 15:38 BROOK ROAD Vandalism – Mal.Misch

Caller reports vandalism to her home. See report.

12/26/2022 16:46 HIGHLAND STREET Suspicious Activity

Milton Hospital reports a patient acting aggressive. Officers assisted hospital staff with restraining the patient.

12/26/2022 17:52 BLUE HILL AVENUE Accident – P/D

Multiple 911 Callers report an MVA. Fire and Fallon notified. Officer reports MA reg 3WN872, RI reg 1AQ157 and FL reg LLDM58. Akiki notified for two tows. See report.

12/26/2022 21:12 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY / HOUSTON AVENUE Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reported two people were arguing in the above area. Officer reported they searched the area and surrounding area with negative results. Call unfounded.

12/27/2022 09:10 ROBBINS STREET Animal Complaint

DPW reported 2 dogs loose in the area above. Officer spoke to homeowner who reported that they have an electric fence which may not be working. Situation resolved.

12/27/2022 18:06 93 S Exit 3 Assist Other Departments

State Police request Fallon and Fire for a MVA. Officer reported a patient refusal.

12/27/2022 22:00 UNQUITY ROAD Assist Other Departments

Milton State PD requested Fallon for an evaluation at the above address. Fallon reported one party transported to Carney Hospital.

12/28/2022 13:13 COLUMBINE ROAD Larceny

Walk in party reports possible fraud. See report.

12/28/2022 14:45 CANTON AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller reports dog loose in the area. Unable to reach owner. ACO notified to handle.

12/28/2022 16:20 PARADISE ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

911 caller reports dispute with construction company over leaves. Officer reports both parties seperated with construction company leaving. Peace Restored.

12/28/2022 17:53 VALLEY ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports a lost dog. Prior to Ofc arrival the owner of the dog contacted resident at above address and will be retrieving dog.

12/28/2022 18:36 RANDOLPH AVENUE Larceny-Shoplifting

Caller reports a shoplifter at the above address. Prior to officers arrival, the party in question left the scene. Officer spoke with worker on scene who gave more information about the incident. See Report.

12/28/2022 20:14 BASSETT STREET Accident – H&R

911 caller reports H&R. See report.

12/28/2022 21:03 RANDOLPH AVENUE Larceny-Shoplifting

Caller reports shoplifting. Officers locate juvenile who was brought back to the store. Parent notified and came to store where item was paid for. See Report.

12/29/2022 05:52 BLUE HILL AVENUE / NEPONSET VALLEY PKY Accident – P/D

911 Caller reported a two car accident in the above address. Officer reported MA Reg 9HG188 and MA Reg 1JYK84 were the vehicles in question. Report filed on officer’s next tour of duty.

12/29/2022 08:29 ROBBINS STREET Animal Complaint

Caller reports 2 poodles in the area of Barbara and Blue Hill Ave. Officer reports he spoke with the homeowner at the address above, dogs are in the backyard. Owner states she has an electric fence but dogs have been secured in the yard.

12/29/2022 09:20 CANTON AVENUE Assist Other Departments

State police request ems for an evaluation for a party who made Q5 statements. Fallon and mental health clinician notified. Fallon reports Canton on scene to assist.

12/29/2022 10:04 AMOR ROAD Assist Other Departments

Caller reports 2 car MVA with no injuries. State police notified. Officer reports MA Reg 5WX899 and MA Reg 1NBP97.

12/29/2022 11:40 BRUSH HILL ROAD Larceny

Party walked into station reporting he had money stolen from his home. See report.

12/29/2022 14:25 DECKER STREET / BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Other MV Violations

Officer reports traffic stop of MA Reg 54G880. Akiki notified for 1 tow. Officer reports driver was cited.

12/29/2022 15:58 CARY AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports suspicious vehicle parked across the street. Officer reports it is legally parked and not suspicious.

12/29/2022 16:18 CANTON AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 caller reports motor vehicle accident. Fire and Fallon notified. PEN REG ESK3300 and MA REG1CV432 were involved. Akiki Tows one. See Report.

12/29/2022 17:24 CANTON AVENUE Accident – P/D

Mulitple callers report a motor vehicle accident. Officers report road rage incident due to a minor mva. REG BRAX96 and MA REG 2MG884 exchanged papers. Peace Restored.

12/29/2022 17:53 FRANKLIN STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports suspicious parties in the area. Officer reports MA REG 1TBK95 work for a Solar Company and were going door to door selling their product.

12/29/2022 19:20 HOWE STREET Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports multiple occasions of kids knocking on his door and running over the past couple of weeks. Officer spoke to caller and advised him to call department if it happens again. Officer reports no youths in the area at this time. Patrol request entered into DHQ.

12/29/2022 22:53 TUCKER STREET Assist Other Departments

Boston Police request assistance in locating a party. Boston PD locates party.

12/29/2022 23:37 CENTRAL AVENUE Animal Complaint

Officer reports missing dog. Breed: Black mouth cur with brown fur. Dogs name: Louis. If located contact owners in persons screen.

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