Annual Town Election 2023: Meet the Candidates

Election 2023
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Annual Town Election 2023: Meet the Candidates

Milton’s Annual Town Election is April 25, 2023.

🇺🇸 Candidates whose names are linked have submitted free candidacy announcements to The Milton Scene before the April 17th deadline. Click on their name to view the announcement.

Select Board Candidates

ben zoll candidate 2023

Ben Zoll

Benjamin Zoll, Select Board Candidate

In Milton I have served on Town Meeting, the Milton Foundation for Education Board, volunteered at the Farmer’s Market, and performed at Porchfest. I have coached youth soccer and now organize an adult pick-up league.

I believe it is more important than ever that town government includes the voices of parents. Parents understand our schools’ chronic and increasing overcrowding. It is clear that we need to invest in our schools.

Milton’s resource limitations are also felt by our seniors, police and fire services, and our libraries, who are also chronically underfunded. The time for thoughtful, creative, and collaborative solutions is now.

To learn more about my background and platform: visit my website at or email me at [email protected].

Select Board Candidates, 2 seats, 3 year term:

Richard Gerard Wells, Jr
George A. Ashur
Cindy L. Christiansen
Philip J. Johenning
Benjamin Zoll

Town Treasurer Candidates

1 seat, 1 year term:

Michael Keith Deane

Board of Assessor Candidates

1 seat, 3 year term:

Brian Manning Cronin

School Committee Candidates

2 seats, 3 year term:

Mark W. Loring
Daniel M. O’Neil
Bao Qiu
Leroy J. Walker

Park Commissioner Candidates

1 seat, 3 year term:

Theodore G. Carroll

Board of Health Candidates

1 seat, 3 year term:

Roxanne F. Musto

Library Trustee Candidates

3 seats, 3 year term:

Sindu M. Meier

Cemetery Trustee Candidates

(1 seat, 5 year term):
James A. Coyne

(1 seat, 2 year term):
Terence J. Driscoll

Housing Authority Candidates

1 seat, 5 year term:

Robert E. Powers, Jr

Planning Board Candidates

2 seats, 5 year term:

Cheryl Friedman Tougias
Jim P. Davis

Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member Candidates

(9 TMMs, 3 year term):

Timika Downes Gagne
Kristen A. Lacasse
Danielle Ann Mellett
Ellen D. O’Toole
Michael O’Toole
Thomas C. Palmer
Meghan Russell
Mary E. Shapiro
Linda J. Watson
Akwaowo D. Ebong
Marsha B. Grills
Timothy P. O’Hara
Jeffrey R. Stone
William L. Walsh

Precinct 2 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Janet Ferone, TMM P2 ad

Janet Ferone, TMM P2 candidate

As a former MPS mom and K-12 /higher education career educator, who’s lived in Milton for 18 years, I’m committed to ensuring our schools thrive and maintain their stellar reputation.

Our town faces challenges navigating growth and change, and I’ll work with everyone, bringing our community together to maintain the unique character of our vibrant town.

By working collaboratively, we can find solutions that work for everyone, so Milton remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family. My background in educational administration, special education, non-profit management, and small business administration will be an asset to Town Meeting.

Learn more about Janet: 
email: [email protected]
business page:
@janetferone on Twitter

Precinct 2 (9 TMMs, 3 year term):
Michael Chinman
Karen L. Friedman-Hanna
Peter A. Mullin
Michael Mulvey
Robert E. Powers, Jr.
Michael B. Reardon
Clifford Brockmyre
Allison J. Delvecchi-Gagnon
Janet Ferone
Nora Harrington
Brian E. Johnson
Janet L. Lyons
Timothy F. Lyons
Kate Middleton
Robert Alexander Milt
Daniel P. Walsh

Precinct 3 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Precinct 3 (10 TMMs, 3 year term):
Maureen Melody Connors
Beth E. Molnar
Michael Charles Munsey
Brian P. O’halloran
Rachel Criscuolo Riccardella
Katherine Rohan O’brien
John E. Sheldon, Jr.
Ronald T. Sia
Kerry A. White
Kelley Sullivan Balestracci
Michelle Freeman
Andrew W. Hanley
John R. Hitt
James T.  Jenkins, Jr.
Frederick G. Munroe, Jr.
Kenneth M. Pariser
Rachel Schewe

Precinct 3 (1 TMM, 2 year term):
Jeanne L. Burns
Steven R. Geyster

Precinct 4 & 4A Town Meeting Member Candidates

Precinct 4 & 4A (9 TMMs, 3 year term):
Thomas M. Callahan
Margaret E. Carels
Brian Manning Cronin
David L. Dobrindt
Harriet Manning
Genevieve D. Martland
Keith E. Schleicher
Timothy A. Burns
Timothy J. Carew
Camila Maria Chaparro
James Leo Desmond
Stephen Johnson
Michael Jones
Jonathan Lashley
Leslie C. Mccarthy
James W. Pasquantonio
Timothy Redmond
Christine M. Turnier
John P. Varghese

Precinct 5 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Sarah Hart TMM Candidate

Sarah Nethercote Hart, TMM P5

Serving the town as a Town Meeting member is a prospect that fills me with excitement and hope. I believe Milton has a great future ahead, and I want to help my neighbors build that future.

I am devoted to supporting our schools; to advocating for our seniors and ensuring they have affordable housing in their golden years; to protecting our beautiful green spaces; to keeping our roads safe; to broadening our tax base to help fund town services we all need; and to ensuring all feel welcome and included.

Please vote for me on Tuesday, April 25!

Get in touch with Sarah at [email protected].

Precinct 5 (6 TMMs, 3 year term):
Rachael D. Cecchini
Ronald Cecchini, Jr.
Joseph Patrick Curley
Philip D. Murphy
Adam J. Ochs
Amanda H. Serio
Rebecca L. Simonds
Sarah Nethercote Hart
Megan Kathleen Nolan
Thomas D. Sharkey, Jr.
R. Daniel Young
Benjamin Zoll

Precinct 6 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Precinct 6 (10 TMMs, 3 year term):
Lori A. Connelly
Scott F. Farrell
Ruth A. Heiden
Francis C. Morrissey
Peter C. Obersheimer
Amy F. Robins
Douglas B. Scibeck
William H. White, Jr.
George A. Ashur
Lindsay J. Degennaro
Leo J. Fetherston
John J. Hellmuth
Nathan David Hutto
Stephen J. King
Thomas F. O’Donnell
Sybil G. Urmston
Nancy J. Vaughan

Precinct 6 (1 TMM, 2 year term):
Elizabeth Suzanne Dillon
Erin M. Hellmuth

Precinct 6 (1 TMM, 1 year term):
Roderick M. Connelly III

Precinct 7 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Warren Lizio, candidate

Warren Lizio

Warren G. Lizio, TMM P7 Candidate

Please vote for Warren G. Lizio on April 25th. Thank You!

Running for Town Meeting is important to me because I value East Milton’s integrity and the wellbeing of Milton residents at large. Respecting the Town’s existing character is critical as we take on new challenges like East Milton ReZoning, MBTA Communities, School Expansion, Traffic, and Fiscal Discipline. Growth is inevitable and welcomed when it adds to our community without taking away what we already have.

My family and I love Milton. We are especially grateful to be living in East Milton where active residents have consistently banded together to address critical issues as they arise. Together, with you, we are a community of neighbors.

Click here to learn more about Warren.

Precinct 7 (9 TMMs, 3 year term):
John Christopher Keohane
Michael Maholchic
Emily R. Martin
Stephen H. Rines
Richard Gerard Wells, Jr
Jennifer Wrightington
Cindy L. Christiansen
Michael J. Deane
John T. Earner
Marc A. Johnson
Warren G. Lizio
Jacquelyn Munger
Jennifer Rachel Robberson 
Laura Springer
Megan Terese Walsh

Precinct 8 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Precinct 8 (11 TMMs, 3 year term):
Diane Margaret Colligan
James A. Coyne
Rina Myra Dennehy
John W. Folcarelli
Margaret A. Kelly
Caroline A. Kinsella
Andres J. Lessing
Barbara C. Martin
Stephen J. Pender
Sheila Egan Varela
John E. Driscoll, Jr.
David John Humphreys
Bao Qiu
William H. Murphy, Jr.

Precinct 8 (2 TMMs, 1 year term):
Jim P. Davis
Mark W. Loring
Kaitlyn Sweeney

Precinct 9 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Precinct 9 (11 TMMs, 3 year term):
Webster A. Collins
Eugene P. Irwin, Iii
Scott D. Johnson
Johanna K. McCarthy
Anne L. Murphy
William T. Ruzzo
Richard J. Shea
Lynda-lee Sheridan
Cheryl Friedman Tougias
Judith Marie White-Orlando
Travis Michael Gregory
Sidney John Hajjar
Jeffrey R. Hunt
Daniel M. O’Neil
Katherine A. Phillips
Patrick W. Sweeney
Edward Michael Thomas

Precinct 10 Town Meeting Member Candidates

Precinct 10 (7 TMMs, 3 Year Term):
Brian R. Gilmore
Timothy S. Kernan
Laurie A. Macintosh
Maureen Cronin Peterson
Christopher J. Trakas
Ani Aghababyan
Maribeth Johnson Flakes
Yolanda K. Thomas

Candidates in this newsletter who submitted their free announcements to The Milton Scene prior to our April 17th deadline are linked.

Candidates who have full announcements in this newsletter submitted paid political advertisements.

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