Milton Police Log: Oct. 13 – 20, 2023

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: Oct. 13 – 20, 2023

10/13/2023 07:43 Emerson Rd Selective Enforcement-Traffic

Directive Traffic,
Officer reports no violations.

10/13/2023 07:57 Brush Hill Rd 911 Hangup Call

Officer checked the area with negative results.,
We received a 911 call from address above.

10/13/2023 08:12 Adams St Lockout Vehicle/Home

Caller reports her dogs got locked inside her car.,
Officer reports fire was able to open the car door.

10/13/2023 08:51 Blue Hill Ave School Crossing Coverage

Officer Sullivan directed crossing at address above.

10/13/2023 09:12 Highland St Motor Vehicle Crash-Personal Injury

911 caller reports single car MVA, with injury. Coastal and Fire notified.,

10/13/2023 09:50 Highland St Personnel Out Sick

Ofc. Chipman relieved of duty ill on day shift.

10/13/2023 10:13 Sheldon St Medical-General

911 caller reprots elderly party fell and is injured. Coastal and Fire notified.,
Coastal transported one to BI MIlton,
Officer reports Fire and Costal on scene handling the situation.,

10/13/2023 10:18 Brook Rd Motor Vehicle Crash-Property Damage

Akiki notified for one tow, Coastal reports refusal,
AKiki notified for one tow.
Caller reports MVA. Multiple 911 calls.,

10/13/2023 10:32 Melbourne Rd Well Being Check

Caller reports car won’t start. Caller was an elderly party officer went to check on his well being.,

10/13/2023 10:39 Thacher St General Service

Officer stood by while detective searched abandoned house.

10/13/2023 10:46 Canton Ave Property-Turned In

Caller reports they found a lost bike and brought it to their address. Officer went to pick up the bike.,
Officer placed bike in shed with a tag.,
Officer reports she has the bike and is bringing it to the station.

10/13/2023 10:53 Blue Hill Ave School Crossing Coverage

Directive crossing,

10/13/2023 10:58 Highland St Personnel Out Sick

Officer Mason called out ill on FH 10/13.

10/13/2023 11:08 Valentine Rd Mental Health-Followup

Mental health follow up to incident 23.10473,

10/13/2023 11:47 Randolph Ave Medical-General

Call Back Information : 6174333100 : Milton,
Caller reports party has a broken leg.,

10/13/2023 12:56 Griggs Ln Property-Lost

Walk in party reports medication being stolen.

10/13/2023 13:02 Adams St 911 Hangup Call

Officer reports an accidental 911 call.,
We received a 911 hang up call.

10/13/2023 13:43 Indian Spring Rd Animal Complaint

ACO reports She confirmed that the dog is back in its home with its owner.,
Caller reports a small tan dog walking around the area above. ACO Notified.,

10/13/2023 13:47 Highland St 911 Accidental Call

911 accidental from the main line. Dispatch unable to make contact with security,,
Officer reports no one is making themselves known. Scene is clear.

10/13/2023 13:51 Adams St Lockout Vehicle/Home

Caller reports they locked their keys in a Grey Toyota Camry.,
Officer reports fire to handle.

10/13/2023 14:03 Valentine Rd Public Assist

Officers stood by as party retreived items from the home.

10/13/2023 14:08 Badger Cir Suspicious Activity

Caller reports an SP vehicle parked in front of her house for 8-9 days.,
Officer reports 92 orange roller outside of address. Notified DPW waiting for a call back.

10/13/2023 14:12 Valentine Rd Court Order

Walk in party brought in an extended 209A order from QDC for our records. D. Ritchie v. R. Anderson.Docket number 2356RO1284 expires
12/13/2023. Order scanned into the incident

10/13/2023 14:40 Gile Rd 911 Hangup Call

Officer Martin reports nothing is going on at the high school.,
We received a 911 hang up call.

10/13/2023 15:56 Blue Hill Terrace St Complaint-General

Caller complains of a neighbors Halloween decorations.,
Officer reports decoration is just in the spirit of Halloween and is a movie prop.

10/13/2023 17:17 Sumner St Medical-General

Call Back Information : 8573340445 : Milton,
Coastal transport 1 to BI Milton.,

10/13/2023 17:48 Granite Ave Suspicious Activity

Caller reports her brother took her car without permission.,
Officer reported MA Reg 3XHX57 was the vehilce in question. Officer reported the vehicle was not stolen but taken without permission. Surronding Cities and Towns were notified, caller was satsfied.

10/13/2023 18:00 Bonad Rd Alarm Fire

ADT security reported residental fire alarm at the above address. Milton Fire reported alarm accidental.,
Milton Fire reported alarm accidental at 50 Magnolia RD.

10/13/2023 18:50 Granite Ave Alarm Fire

Multiple 911 callers reported a motor vehicle fire in the above area. Milton Fire notified to handle.

10/13/2023 18:56 Shoolman Way Selective Enforcement-Other

Directed patrol.

10/13/2023 19:14 Brush Hill Rd Assist Other Agency

Handled by State.,
Officer reports accident is on State. Coastal notified and State notified.,
State calls in third party reporting MVA at the address above. Caller states no medical attention needed.

10/13/2023 19:49 Churchill St Medical-General

911 caller reports feeling dizzy. Fire and Coastal notified. Coastal transports 1 to BI Milton.

10/13/2023 19:57 Blue Hill Ave Selective Enforcement-

Directed youth.

10/13/2023 20:20 Franklin St Disturbance-Youth

Caller reported youths ringing door bells in the above area.,
Officers report nothing showing in the area, cleared.

10/13/2023 21:31 Eliot St Disturbance-Youth

Caller reports youth disturbance in the area above.,
Officers spoke with youths and were told to wrap up. Clear.

10/13/2023 23:56 Shoolman Way Selective Enforcement-Other

Loc changed from {18 School St} to {18 Shoolman Way;Congregation Beth Shalom Of The Blue Hill},
Directed. Temple,
No issues. No one on property.

10/14/2023 04:43 Granite Ave 911 Accidental Call

911 Caller reports he called by accident.,
Officer reports confirmed accidental.

10/14/2023 07:57 Highland St Property-Returned

Walk in party retrieved sons that was found yesterday. Refer to incident 23.10811. Return form scanned into incident.

10/14/2023 09:31 Central Ave Alarm Fire

CFS from -> ALAB to ALAF,
Ofc reports it is the Fire Alarm going off. Fire notified.,
Passerby reports an alarm going off at above address.,

10/14/2023 09:50 Edge Hill Rd Traffic-Road Closure

Coastal and Fire notified of road closure.

10/14/2023 10:06 Edge Hill Rd Selective Enforcement-Other


10/14/2023 10:38 Blue Hill Ave Motor Vehicle Crash-Property Damage

Loc changed from {1793 Canton Ave} to {1425 Blue Hill Ave;Thacher Montessori School},
911 caller reports MVA at above address. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Ofc reports they assisted in paper swap.,
Prior to arrival Ofc reports there were no injuries. EMS was told to disregard.

10/14/2023 11:13 Granite Ave Medical-General

911 caller reports ill party in and out of conciousness, coastal and fire notified to wear PPE.,
911caller reports party is feeling numb. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal transported one to BI Milton,

10/14/2023 11:23 Canton Ave Animal Complaint

Caller reports a small brown dog loose in the area.,
Officer checked the area with negative results.

10/14/2023 11:41 Adams St 911 Accidental Call

911 accidental call, employee reports phone issue.,
Officer confirmed accidental,

10/14/2023 12:07 Centre St Alarm Fire

Prior to arrival officer cleared, accidental alarm due to cooking.

10/14/2023 12:31 ROUTE 93 N Complaint-General

Caller reports the ramp in above area is closed and creating a back up of traffic.,
Ofc confirms the ramp is closed and traffic is having to go into Dorchester and get on highway.

10/14/2023 12:41 Blue Hills Pkwy Motor Vehicle Crash-Property Damage

Multiple 911 callers reports 2 car MVA, unknown injuries, Coastal and Fire notified.

10/14/2023 13:03 Elm St Property-Lost

Caller reports he got the address wrong, he is at 88 Elmwood Ave in Quincy. No police service needed.,
Caller reports he left his phone in an Uber and tracked his phone to the address above.

10/14/2023 13:31 Wharf St 911 Accidental Call

911 open ended call, from the elevator, no answer on the call back.
Officer checked area, reports nothing showing.

10/14/2023 15:12 Centre St General Service

Comcast reports it’s a Verizon wire. Verizon notified.,
Ofc reports it is blocking the east bound side of traffic and needs immediate attention. Comcast notified.,
Ofc reports there is damage to town property atn 211 Centre St. DPW notified.,
Several 911 callers report a downed wire in above area.

10/14/2023 15:55 Highland St Property-Turned In

Ofc Kinsella reports a party gave her a DL she found on Newbury Street in Boston. The parties address on the license is listed as East Boston, called the district they do not have a number for the party. I also reached out to Area D4 which covers Newbury St and they said if she called they would tell her we had her license. Paperwork scanned into incident.

10/14/2023 18:05 Pleasant St Motor Vehicle-Disabled

Officer helped move the vehicle to the 7-11 parking lot.,
Officer stopped to assist disabled vehicle.

10/14/2023 19:54 Landon Rd Disturbance-Neighborhood

Caller reports loud music in the area. Ofc reports it is a small gathering at #42 Landon, he also reported they agreed to turn down the music.

10/14/2023 19:59 Blue Hill River Rd Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports SP in her driveway. Ofc reports he spoke to a resident in the house and said she knew them.,
Ofc spoke to resident through ring camera and did not make contact with SP.,

10/14/2023 20:42 Belcher Cir Selective Enforcement-Youth

Quincy reports a group of youths going towards Quincy playing ding dong ditch.

10/14/2023 23:36 Alfred Rd Alarm Burglar

Cancelled by alarm company and home owners.,
Central alarm reports burglar alarm at above location.

10/15/2023 01:21 Bryant Ave Motor Vehicle-Disabled

Caller requests an office to come stand by while he waits for AAA.,
Officer reports tow company was now on scene and they were all set.,

10/15/2023 01:34 Brook Rd Complaint-Driving

911 Caller reports white taxi driving recklessly.,
Call Back Information : 8577191082 : Quincy,
Office reports nothing showing in the area.

10/15/2023 03:07 Forbes Rd Alarm Burglar

Caller reports alarm off in the living room.,
Spoke to the home owners, house is secure.

10/15/2023 04:14 Hollingsworth Rd Medical-Sudden Death

Call Back Information : 7813165766 : Milton,
CFS from -> MEDG to MEDSUDD,
Coastal notified and confirms death. Medical examiner notified.

10/15/2023 05:41 Randolph Ave Medical-General

911 Caller reports she needs an ambulance.,
Call Back Information : 6176980403 : Milton,

10/15/2023 08:56 Saddle Ridge Rd Alarm Burglar

Alarm Company reports burglar alarm at address above.,
Officer Reports accidental alarm.

10/15/2023 09:07 Pillon Rd Medical-General

Caller reports her husband has chest tightening and difficulty breathing. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Officer reports Fire and Coastal handling.

10/15/2023 10:12 Brook Rd Suspicious Activity

Caller reports an SP party in the above area.,
Officers report party removed himself from the scene and refused to speak with officers. Party caused no further disruption.

10/15/2023 10:47 Canton Ave Alarm Fire

Central Station reports accidental fire alarm.,
Central Station reports fire alarm.

10/15/2023 12:22 Canton Ave Medical-General

Alarm company reports party fell at the above address. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal reports patient refusal.

10/15/2023 15:11 Brush Hill Rd Medical-General

Caller reports his sister is in alot of pain and needs to be transported to the hospital. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal reports one transport to BI Milton,

10/15/2023 15:32 Unquity Rd Complaint-Parking

Caller reports a vehicle is blocking his trailer and he cannot gain access.,
Officer reports they were able to move the trailer to gain access.

10/15/2023 16:00 Bradford Rd Medical-General

Caller reports her son cut his hand with a knife. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal reports signed parental refusal.

10/15/2023 16:36 Smith Rd Medical-General

Caller reports elderly party fell hit her head and shes bleeding,
Coastal reports transporting 1 to BI Boston,

10/15/2023 17:03 Carberry Ln Medical-Sudden Death

Caller reports his mother passed away. Coastal notified to confirm.,
Coastal confirmed sudden. ME notified.

10/15/2023 18:10 Highland St Property-Turned In

At 1850 hrs 10/15/2023 FH Father contacted the police station and agreed to pick up the skates.,
Father from a child exchange passed along a pair of pink skates for mother to take. Mother refused to take these skates and father can not be reached. Mother filled out a property form that is attached and passed along that neither parties want these skates any longer.

10/15/2023 18:59 Crestview Rd Medical-General

Caller reports an elderly party has passed out and is feeling unwell. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal reports transporting 1 to BI Milton,

10/15/2023 20:04 Emerson Rd Disturbance-Neighborhood

Caller reports vans blocking his street playing loud music.,
Officer reports two amazon prime trucks on that street assisting a new driver on his first day. Officer asked the music to be turned down both parties agreed

10/15/2023 21:17 Plymouth Ave Complaint-Parking

Caller complains of a box truck consistently parking in the street.,
Officer reports party moved the truck into the driveway

10/15/2023 21:24 Brush Hill Rd Suspicious Activity

Caller reports she received a call from her friend next door who stated they possibly saw a person laying on her front lawn.

10/16/2023 00:39 Brush Hill Rd Medical-General

911 caller reports a party suffering from respiratory distress. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal transported party to BI Milton.,

10/16/2023 07:51 Highland St Court Order Service

Harassment order with no docket number listed on order. Burgess VS. Merkle. Order was served and explained to Mr. Merkle by LT. Brown in the lobby of HQ at 0745 hrs 10/16/2023 Day Shift. Order is scanned into this report.

10/16/2023 09:47 Badger Cir Complaint-General

Caller reports construction materials or debris in the road or on the sidewalk.,
Caller reports the materials on the sidewalk and construction being done to the house.,

10/16/2023 12:15 Valentine Rd Court Order

Officer W. Corbin passed along an extended abuse order DOCKET # 2356RO 1284. RICHIE VS. ANDERSON This extended order will be set to expire 12/14/2023 at 1600 hrs.

10/16/2023 12:20 Thacher St Court Order

Officer W. Corbin passed along an extended abuse order DOCKET #2023 56 RO 578. ALTIMASH VS. GRANT JR. Order is set to expire 05/31/2024.

10/16/2023 12:24 Miller Ave Medical-General

Caller is requesting a transport for a party with a leg infection.,
Coastal reports one transport to BI Milton,

10/16/2023 15:52 Brush Hill Rd Medical-General

Coastal reports patient refusal.,
Curry College Security reports a female party suffering from a seizure. Fire and Coastal notified.,

10/16/2023 17:10 Houston Ave Motor Vehicle Crash-Hit And Run

Caller reports a previous H/R at her address above.,

10/16/2023 20:10 Randolph Ave Complaint-Driving

Caller reports an erratic driver in the area above.,
Officer reports no signs of erratic driver.,

10/16/2023 20:30 Squantum St Complaint-Driving

Officer reports nothing showing.,
State 911 notified of an erratic driver possibly in area above. MA Reg 321MED.,

10/16/2023 21:12 Cypress Rd Medical-General

911 caller reports a party fell. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal transports 1 to BI milton.

10/16/2023 23:16 Berlin Ave Medical-General

Caller reports her son is having an allergic reaction to tree nuts. No valid epi-pen on scene. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Coastal reports one transport to Childrens Hospital

10/16/2023 23:54 Nahanton Ave Well Being Check

Called for same reason/ MALE called for her I then contacted female party for more information,
Caller reports she is allegedly in contact with a party whom might live at this address who stated he was felling ill and possibly needed medical attention.

10/17/2023 04:56 Randolph Ave Transport

Caller reports a male party walking in the middle of the road on crutches.,
Milton Hospital ER staff stated VIA cell phone they did discharge a patient in the last few hours with this same discription and with crutches.,
Officer also confirms it was the same male party from Milton Hospital.,
Officer reports he located that party and assisted him with a ride to the Comfort Inn in Randolph.

10/17/2023 06:44 Cabot St Intradepartmental Report

Akiki notified for two tow,
Call Re-Stacked.Old – Prime Unit#: 727 Old – Disposition: CRASHREP,
Call Re-Stacked.Old – Prime Unit#: 727 Old – Disposition: SEE,
Call Restacked.,
Caller reports two car MVA,

10/17/2023 06:50 Brush Hill Rd Suspicious Activity

Caller reports she got to work and the back door was unlocked and open after she believes it was locked when they left work yesterday evening,
Officers checked the storage container that was left open not the building and nothing was out of place. Caller was satisfied.

10/17/2023 08:52 Brook Rd Complaint-Driving

Crossing guard reports male party in white mini van with red lettering reg W44395 almost struck her and two children, vehicle was seen headed towards Brook/Centre.,
Officers checked the area with negative results. Offcer spoke with crossing guard.

10/17/2023 09:19 Brookside Park Well Being Check

Caller request well being check on party he hasn’t heard from since Friday, Party reported they were feeling ill at that time.,
Officers checked area, and made entry into the basement. Officers unable to make contact with party. Officers spoke with the neighbors who reports party drives a black mercades sedan, which was not in teh driveway.

10/17/2023 09:20 Mathaurs St Assist Other Agency

Braintree police request assistance reagrding a past hit and run. MA REG 2AYZ78. Braintree asked to stop by the home and see if the owner is home and to ask to contact BPD.,
Officer was able to get into touch with the party. The hpone number for Braintree Dispatch was passed along and Braintree was notified.

10/17/2023 09:32 Boulevard St Motor Vehicle Crash-Property Damage

Akiki notified for one tow, the second vehicle will be parked on Bryant.Officer transported one party to the N. Quincy T station. Coastal reports patient refusal.  AKIKI notified for one tow, Coastal reports patient refusal,

10/18/2023 09:53 Canton Ave Medical-General

Alarm company reports possible medical. Alarm company reports party is confused.,
Coastal reports one to BI Milton.,

10/18/2023 18:31 Blue Hill Ave Medical-General

Central Alarm reports a medical alarm at the above address. Fire and Coastal notified.,
Fire reports accidental. Officer and Coastal cancelled prior to arrival.,

10/18/2023 21:03 Randolph Ave Alarm Burglar

Alarm company reports burglar alarm from the address above. Prior to dispatch the alarm company received a cancel from the key holder.,

10/19/2023 00:25 Fairlawn Ave Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a male party attempting to B/E into MV at address above.,
CFS from -> SUSP to BREAKMV,

10/19/2023 07:35 Granite Ave Assist Other Agency

Caller reports SP black Ford Fusion with no plates. vehicle occupied by a W/M wearing a red shirt and black pants.,

10/20/2023 04:32 Thacher St Medical-General

911 caller reports a male party tried entering her residence.,
Officer reports party requires EMS. Coastal reports patient refusal. Officers report party picked up.

10/20/2023 05:12 Rose St Selective Enforcement-Other

Officer reports 5 violations for overnight parking.

10/20/2023 05:36 Blue Hill Ave Motor Vehicle-Disabled

Loc changed from {Blue Hill Ave/Robbins St} to {680 Blue Hill Ave},
911 caller reports a MV on guard rail.,
Fire notified. Akiki notified for a tow,
Mass Highway notified.,



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