Nefarious petitions, Sly Fox taverns, middle of the night Logan trips – Top Milton Neighbors posts, December ’23

Sly Fox tavern is not a tavern.
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Nefarious petitions, Sly Fox taverns, middle of the night Logan trips – Top Milton Neighbors posts, December ’23

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. Petition warning

“Wise advice to our Milton friends: Be careful what petitions you sign this month!

2. Sly Fox Tavern – yes or no?

Sly Fox tavern yes or no?

What do YOU recommend? (The Sly Fox Tavern is located at 139 Copeland St., in Quincy)

3. Small family Christmas traditions

“I’ve got a small family (just 3 of us – 2 parents & 1 teen) and no family nearby plus we’re not from here, so our Christmas is pretty quiet… So if your situation is similar (no family nearby, only 1 kid so no other kids to engage with, no lifelong friends in the area) I wonder if you might share a little about your Christmas eve & Christmas day traditions/activities?”

4. Zoning math concerns

“East Milton makes up only 4% of the total acreage of Milton, yet 60% of the net-net units under the Select Board’s new re-zoning plan are being proposed there (1100 net new units in East Milton!)”

5. A Milton furry friend gets its humans back!

We love a good reunion!

Two men with a dog on a leash on the stairs

Photo credit: Elizabeth Higgins

6. Middle of the night Logan Airport trips

“Are there any recommended services to get to Logan in the middle of the night? I have a flight at 5am and have had such terrible luck with Ubers picking me up/dropping me off in Milton and don’t want to rely on them. I thought I remembered people talking about a local driving service here? Also, am I correct in assuming I need to be there at 3am since it’s still technically the holidays (flight is on the 29th)? I’d get there a little later but the other day I saw a picture of Logan on the front of WSJ and have now made myself worried. Thank you!”

7. Latest mason recommendations

“Looking for recommendations for a mason. Any suggestions? Thank you.”

(Editor’s note: we have a list of mason recommendations in our Business Directory here.)

8. MBTA Communities objections, failed

“The lawsuit against the Town of Holden brought for noncompliance with The MBTA Communities act was just dismissed in Worcester Superior Court. The Judge found that the Plaintiffs did not have standing to sue, essentially saying that they did not suffer injury based on Holden’s failure to comply with the law… (read more, it’s long)”

9. Milton Wildcats Super Bowl parade


A police car is patrolling down a street, ensuring the safety of residents and monitoring the activity around taverns.

Video by Michael Chinman

Check out the video by Michael Chinman!

10. Hairdresser needed!

“My hairdresser has retired and I need a cut and color (foils).
Anyone local who is good?”


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