Kendra Quincy Knauf announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 3

Kendra Knauf, 2024
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Kendra Quincy Knauf announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 3

My name is Kendra Quincy Knauf and I am running for town meeting in precinct three and I am asking for your vote. My husband, Andrew, and I have lived in Milton for almost 13 years and our family includes our almost-two-year-old daughter, and our active dog.  Over the past couple of years, you’ve probably seen me out walking in the neighborhood, with the dog leash around my waist, pushing a stroller, while listening to an audiobook!  When we first moved to Milton, we were drawn to its proximity to Boston, reputation for good schools, and strong community ties.  Over the next several years, many decisions will be made by the town meeting members and the Milton voters, about the future of our schools. And I would like to be a part of that.  Obviously that is not the only issue that will arise, and I will be eager to talk with my neighbors about their perspectives on these issues, listen carefully, and vote in a way that reflects the needs of the town and precinct three.

Education and schooling has always been a big part of my life, as has the desire for connection and community.  I loved school and I always knew that I wanted to raise my children in a town with strong schools too.  My own educational background has cultivated my critical thinking, my open-mindedness, and my capacity to listen and take in others’ opinions.  I graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s in history, University of Pennsylvania with a master’s in education, and University of Massachusetts Boston with a master’s in counseling.  I currently run a private practice as a licensed mental health counselor, specializing in perinatal mental health (e.g., fertility issues, postpartum, etc.).  I’m an alumna volunteer for Dartmouth, interviewing applicants, and a former class officer and alumni councilor.  I love connecting with people in similar (and other) phases of life who have the commonality of shared place.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share or about my candidacy, I welcome your message!  Please contact me at [email protected].


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