Cunningham Woods dog rules, entitled drivers, honoring Milton’s teachers, and more – Top Milton Neighbors posts, April ’24

Collage of screenshots highlighting top Milton Neighbors facebook posts with text and images, including a narrative of a driving incident, a school photograph, and a group meeting outside.
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Cunningham Woods dog rules, entitled drivers, honoring Milton’s teachers, and more – Top Milton Neighbors posts, April ’24

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. Honoring Pierce Teacher of the Year Bernadette McEvoy

“Pierce Teacher of the Year Bernadette McEvoy had a full crowd of supporters when her family surprised her with her award today! Nominations called her “a ray of sunshine,” a “genuine cheerleader” and “lifelong supporter of her students,” and mentioned how she “makes teaching and learning an adventure.” Thank you, Ms. McEvoy, for being a steady and trustworthy adult for your middle school health class students!” – Milton Foundation for Education

Bernadette McEvoy receives teacher of the year award in a classroom surrounded by family, colleagues, and Milton Neighbors.

2. More Teacher of the Year appreciation for Merry McGrory

“Tucker Kindergarten teacher Merry McGrory is one of the amazing educators we surprised on the playground today! Among other phrases of praise, her nominators called her “truly a gem,” “dedicated beyond words,” and “a magic human” who “empowers students” and teaches them to be “bucket fillers.” Congratulations, Ms. McGrory!” – Milton Foundation for Education

Realtor Merry McGrory stands outside with her kindergarten class, holding an award, with students displaying excitement and a congratulatory banner visible.

3. Desired business for Milton

“We need a nice cafe in this town 🤔”

Check out Milton Neighbors’ suggestions and thoughts on this member’s expressing desire for a “nice cafe” in Milton.

4. Extra funny Meme Monday

These are always a hit, but the April first Milton Neighbors Meme Monday was extra hilarious.

meme monday with Lumberg from Office Space

A woman in a pink jacket stands smiling beneath a banner of a U.S. Army soldier attached to a lamp post on a quiet suburban street.

Photo: Marissa DelConte

5. Honoring one of Milton’s Hometown Heroes

“Marissa DelConte shared this picture of her Grandmother Nora DelConte standing under her late husband Walter L DelConte’s Hometown Hero banner. She was very moved after seeing his banner and extremely proud of his service.

Thank you Milton for making this possible. Giving her the joy and admiration she felt after seeing our community recognizing his efforts and sacrifices during the Korean War, what became “The Forgotten War”

Our Veteran’s each had family who were there for them when they left and also helped heal them when they returned. Thank you Milton for allowing me to help recognize and honor our Veterans & their families daily. They helped build the Milton we enjoy today. 🫡 🎖 🇺🇸”

6. A gorgeous sunrise photo from April 18th

Vibrant sunset with pink and orange hues over a suburban neighborhood, viewed from a window recommended by Milton Neighbors, featuring silhouetted trees and houses.

Photo: John R. Croto

7. The many benefits of the Milton Public Library

“The Milton Library is a great place to work out of. I didn’t realize they had these cool rooms & you can sit by the fire 🙂”

Elegant room with a lit fireplace, surrounded by armchairs, bookshelves on the sides, and a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, perfect for Milton Neighbors.

Photo: Kristina Tsipouras Miller

8. How about people stop driving like this?

In this edition of “you’re not that that big of a deal…”

Text describing a user's daughter's experience of being followed and honked at by an aggressive driver in the Milton Neighbors area, highlighting the importance of being cautious around new drivers.

9. Lots of good local businesses in the April 1 Post Your Biz!

Looking for furniture assembly? Skincare? A local attorney? This was an extra-special April Post Your Biz thread.

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? We’ve got you covered!

10. Cunningham Woods and dog – the rules!

dog on leash

“Cunningham Woods and Dogs: After speaking with the General Manager of Cunningham Park, Gary Kelly he clarified some rules and guidelines for the back woods area.” (Click here to check out this post with the guidelines!)


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