Total taxable value of Milton has grown by 7.8%

2016 Tax Classification Hearing2016 Tax Classification Hearing
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Taxation and Classification of Property According to Use

The Board of Assessors has completed its state-mandated revaluation of all real and personal property for fiscal year 2016. There have been changes based on property sales in calendar 2014 and new growth. The result is that the average single family home has increased in value from $565,278 to $604,044 (+7%). Condominiums have seen an increase of about 15%. Two-family homes have seen an increase of 10%. The commercial values have increased by 7%.

The total taxable value of the town has grown by 7.8%.

The estimated fiscal year 2016 maximum allowable levy of $71,186,768 is a $3,052,087 increase over the fiscal year 2015 actual levy (+4.5%).

View the FY2016 Tax Classification Hearing pdf (this version isn’t sideways like the town version, so you can actually read it!)


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