Steve Fruzzetti withdraws from Milton Selectmen’s Race; endorses Katie Conlon

Milton Election Season 2016Milton Election Season 2016
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Fruzzetti has withdrawn his name from nomination for Milton Selectman

In doing so, he has endorsed Katie Conlon, the incumbent, who is facing a challenge from Milton Police Chief Richard Wells.

Fruzzetti, a Cemetery Trustee, Town Meeting Member and local business owner, entered the race prior to Wells. Fruzzetti was motivated to run by his opposition to the Stormwater Utility Fee that Town Meeting authorized the Board of Selectmen to establish in February. This fee, charged to property owners, is the result of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirement that municipalities manage and monitor stormwater runoff into rivers and streams. Fruzzetti believes that it should be funded through the operating budget.

Fruzzetti decided not to run after Chief Wells submitted his nomination. “I would like to publicly endorse Katie Conlon for Milton Selectman,” said Fruzzetti. “I don’t like the idea of people voting out of spite. While I have disagreements with Katie on some issues I believe her heart is in the right place and made the right decision regarding the Chief’s contract. I think that Chief Wells is an excellent Police Chief but the timing of him entering the race makes me believe he is running out of spite.

“I would encourage other Milton voters to support Katie as well. I will run next year instead.”


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