Aviation impacts conference to take place on Nov 5.

Aviation impacts conference to take place on Nov 5.Aviation impacts conference to take place on Nov 5.
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Airport Impacts 101: Perspectives on Environmental Health

The town of Milton has experienced a monumental spike in plane traffic with the implementation of NextGen technology.

Wig Zamore, who spoke in Milton about aviation and vehicular traffic impacts on communities this past spring, has organized a day long seminar on the topic of aviation impacts.

Zamore has been working with AIR Inc. and others to put together a day long conference that brings some of the world’s foremost airport impact experts and environmental health scientists together with interested citizens and policy leaders.

That conference is going to be held on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at the new Partners Healthcare facility at Assembly Square, Somerville.

The daylong Airport Impacts 101 Conference has been designed to be one of the foremost gatherings of aviation noise and air pollution experts, and environmental health scientists, with interested members of the general public.

These experts hail from Boston region research universities, Montreal, southern California and London, England. Their subject matter expertise is vast and they are eager to share it with you and your neighbors. Together they have authored some 450 peer reviewed journal papers listed in PubMed, the National Library of Medicine, including many dozens focused specifically on aviation impacts.

Our expert guests range from some of the most experienced senior scholars to those who are up and coming. All are cutting edge. Their cumulative knowledge may help us by advancing the next generation of aviation investigations and, even sooner, by contributing to improved community and regional mitigation measures. Yet they are kind enough to be willing to spend their Saturday with us.

This is a unique opportunity to listen to a day of presentations and to participate in lively discussions in a relaxed setting where we can all learn from each other. This event is completely FREE, including the food. People who do not register may not be able to get into the event.

The event is free but attendees need to register online:


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