Massport Community Advisory Committee makes headway toward fair air traffic distribution

Collicot and Cunningham schools get 40% of all arrivals into Logan overhead.Collicot and Cunningham schools get 40% of all arrivals into Logan overhead.
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Motions could reduce noise from Logan for Milton and surrounding communities

At the Massport Community Advisory Committee (MCAC) March 9, 2017 general membership meeting four motions were approved that could reduce the noise from Logan aviation operations for Milton and communities in the region. The approved motions are:

VOTED: Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee recommends Massport to vigorously advocate to airlines that fly the Airbus 3 Series planes to and from Logan Airport to install the noise suppressor known as the Vortex Generator. Massport to develop and publish an implementation plan to facilitate airlines to modify their Airbus 3 Series planes and provide a quarterly progress report to the Massport CAC.

VOTED: Massport adopt a 21st Century Noise Based Landing Fee based on the noise certification data for each aircraft type arriving at Logan, using an overweight on Approach and Take Off noise in combination with Sideline noise, and a standard seating component for each aircraft type.

VOTED: Massachusetts Community Advisory Committee recommends that the Massachusetts Port Authority CEO, Tom Glynn and the Board of Directors consider the adoption of a Fly Quiet Program similar to that at San Francisco International Airport or Chicago’s O’Hare Airport that seeks to encourage individual airlines to operate as quietly as possible at Logan International Airport.

VOTED: The Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee demands that the FAA and the Massachusetts Port Authority comply with the Phase 1 record of Decision of October 20017 (ROD) particularly regarding RNAV departure procedures from runways 9, 22L, and 15 and arrivals on 33L and 4R. And, commit to correct the Letter of Agreement Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) and Boston Consolidated Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) of December 15, 2011.

The motions about the vortex generator and the noise based landing fee have the potential to cause a quick reduction of aviation noise in Milton once adopted by Massport. It is very important that residents encourage Massport to take immediate steps to adopt these approved motions. Contact the Massport CAC or email Milton’s MCAC representative, Cindy L. Christiansen. The other two motions will require more time but also are important for the overall noise reduction to communities affected by Logan overflights.

The MCAC’s enabling legislation gives the MCAC all of the necessary and convenient power to carry out its purposes. The MCAC purposes include holding hearings, reviewing the Massport budget, among other things. Although it is an advisory committee, it is independent of Massport and has stronger power to request and receive information than the general Massachusetts open records laws. Milton’s representative is a member of the Aviation Subcommittee.

The MCAC has recently launched a website to update the community:

View the full Massport CAC presentation (2MB pdf).

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