Solar-powered flashing stop signs installed in Milton

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Flashing Stop Signs installed in Milton

In an effort to continue improving public safety for all modes of transportation in our Town, Milton’s Department of Public Works has installed several of the Town’s first solar powered flashing STOP signs.

Funding for the traffic calming devices came from a ride share assessment via the Governor’s office. Milton received $13,876.10 in funding from ride sharing assessments, which is a $0.20 fee collected by the state for each ride share company trip (Uber, Lyft, etc.) and proportionally distributed by the number of trips that were generated in each town.

Half of the money that is collected is given out to cities and towns with this specific purpose:

The funds must be used “to address the impact of transportation network services on municipal roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure or any other public purpose substantially related to the operation of transportation network services in the city or town including, but not limited to, the complete streets program established in [G.L. c. 90I, § 1] and other programs that support alternative modes of transportation.” St. 2016, c. 187, § 8(c)(i).

With this funding, Milton was able to purchase seven solar flashing stop signs. Currently installed locations include:

  • Pleasant Street and Gordon Road
  • Brush Hill Road at the Fuller Village Entrance
  • Wood Street & Church Street intersection.

Milton DPW Director Chase Berkeley said, “We are actively evaluating additional locations working with the Milton Police Department’s observations and also feedback from residents submitted on the Town’s Complete Streets prioritization wiki map:

The Town has also recently received an additional $20,000 earmark for road and safety improvements for the Town of Milton from the State with the assistance of Senator Timilty’s Office. Berkeley said, “we are planning to use this funding in the same manner which should purchase an additional ten signs for a total of 17 to be installed throughout the Town. The signs are lightweight and versatile, so we can move them around as priories shift or change similar to the radar speed signs that were put up over the past year.”

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