Corcoran & Falconi: East Milton 40B project desired by neighbors; will not affect traffic

East Milton Square 40B proposal
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Corcoran & Falconi: East Milton 40B project desired by neighbors; will not affect traffic

Last week, representatives from Joseph J. Corcoran Co. conducted a brief presentation of the revised East Milton Square 40B project (now a joint endeavor between Falconi Properties and Joseph J. Corcoran Co. developers) to a group of business owners in town.

The proposed development will consist of 111 rental units of housing on approximately 1.2 acres of land located at 4-24 Franklin Street, 19-25 Basset Street and 522 Adams Street in Milton, MA. Click here to view more details here about the proposal.

During the presentation, Jennifer Corcoran said that this 40B project, currently one of three new proposed 40Bs in Milton, is the best one in Town and the one the state should approve first.

According to Corcoran, one of the main reasons is, unlike the other 40B projects in Town, this 40B is going into a business district, so “it’s not like we’re shoving it down anyone’s throat.”

She then informed the group that many people she talked to in the neighborhood not only want to see this building go up, but want to live in it.

Ms. Corcoran also said they have traffic studies which show that 100+ new units will not affect traffic in the square.

She indicated that the developers would consider 40R as well, if the current process were to be sped up in accordance with the developers’ timeline, but only with support from the town. She said otherwise they prefer the “developer driven process” of a 40B.

Ms. Corcoran said that they would speak to anyone who is interested in discussing the project and also said they’ve “listened and have an entire new redesign already in place” from the one already presented.

If you would like to present your thoughts on the project, it is absolutely crucial for you to notify the Town, ideally in writing.

You can do this by sending an email to Mike Dennehey, Town Administrator, at: [email protected].

The best way for you to help shape your neighborhood is by speaking up and stating your opinion. It can be hard to write exactly what you’re thinking, so simply begin by stating your name and address, and use this text to get you started: “I support/do not support this project because…”

You can also attend the Select Board meeting this Wednesday, March 11, at the Council on Aging, at 7:00 p.m. The project will be discussed at the meeting. Click here for more details about the meeting.

For more information on the 40B process and how to provide comment on the applications, see the Town’s 40B Site Eligibility Application Information page, or contact the Select Board office at 617-898-4843.

To reach the developer for the East Milton 40B proposal, contact Jennifer Corcoran at [email protected], 781-691-0026.

Contributed by Melissa Fassel Dunn.

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