How to sew a scrub hat: Milton Neighbor gives detailed instructions

how to sew a scrub hat
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How to sew a scrub hat: Milton Neighbor gives detailed instructions

Get the pattern pieces ready:

These are the pattern pieces for the scrub cap:

  1. 6″ circle (one)
  2. 10×25″ rectangle (one)
  3. 11″ x 2-3/4″ tie (cut two)

You cut one large rectangle one circle and two of the small rectangular ties.

I cut these out of a roll of easel paper, but you can use anything – even regular printer paper – and tape pieces together to make the large 10″ x 25″ piece of paper.

scrub hat pattern pieces


  1. Cut out the pieces and run over them quickly with an iron.
  2. The first thing I sew is the short side of the long rectangle, right sides together. I use pinking shears on the sewn edge.
  3. Fold one sewn long edge over a half inch and press.
  4. Then fold that same edge over approximately an inch and press again.

  5. Stitch into place:

  6. Press finished main piece so that the pressed lines indicate quarters.
  7. Press 6 inch circle so that pressed lines indicate quarters


  8. Match pressed quarter lines and pin circle to body of cap.
  9. Sew circle to body, creating small gathers as you stitch each quarter:
  10. You are creating gathers in the body to fit it to the smaller circle. This is the most painstaking part, and should be done slowly and carefully.
  11. Once the circle is connected, use pinking shears to trim edges of circular seam.
  12. Next, fold the ties in half and press.
  13. Fold edges in and press.
  14. Fold ends of ties under, press and pin.
  15. Sew down edges of ties.
  16. Now you have a finished hat and finished ties – just need to put them together!
  17. Pin each tie out 4 inches from the back seam facing in to the back seam.
  18. Attach each tie by sewing a 1 inch rectangle.
  19. Congrats! You’re done!

Finished scrub hat:

Thank you!

Ruth B.

These instructions were created by Milton resident Ruth Baltopoulous, who has been tirelessly and voluntarily sewing masks and caps for the medical community.

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