POLL: Should Halloween take place as usual this year?

Halloween poll
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POLL: Should Halloween take place as usual this year?

Not surprisingly, there has been some heated discussion in Milton Neighbors about the status of Halloween this year.

Some thoughts included:

“I love Halloween and adore having the kids come around, but I’m turning out the lights this year. I may try to deliver candy to the kids in my immediate neighborhood. I’m sad about it, but I’ll be sadder if people get sick.”

“We plan on setting up a small table with a bowl of candy and hand sanitizer, and hang out on our porch. Kids can help them selves. We will replenish when necessary.”

“We are doing costumes and walking around but not collecting candy this year.”

“A tube system would keep children distanced and safe for trick or treaters and the givers. If bags are opened on the porch while wearing gloves I don’t see why a little creativity can’t make Halloween happen.”

“I’m doing a fire pit at the end of my driveway and I’ll have bags with candy spread out on the wall six feet apart. Going to hang out and reload the wall as needed.”

“We’re going to put out individual bags of candy for kids to pick up on our walk and stoop. The plan is to take our kiddo around the neighborhood and then have some candy she can eat right away while we let the candy she collects sit for a couple of days.”

What do you think? Take the poll:

This poll has ended (since 11 months).

Should Halloween trick or treating take place as usual this year?

Yes, Halloween trick or treating should take place, but with extra precautions (masks, no direct handing out of candy, etc.)
No, Halloween trick or treating should not take place at all.
Yes, Halloween trick or treating should take place as usual.


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