40B developer listens to Milton’s neighbors

Man and quote - “The honest answer was that we're loaded and can still make good money working with the community.
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40B developer listens to Milton’s neighbors

After purchasing the beloved Hillside Museum and slating it for demolition to make way for an eleven story tower featuring eight parking spots, local developer Specious Properties recently announced revisions to its plan in favor of a new design which will preserve the museum, feature a reduced scope, adequate parking, an affordable component and green space.

Specious Properties dashing spokesman, Herman Smitharooni, said of the revised plan:

“We took a good, hard look in the mirror and said to ourselves, ‘do we want to be part of the town and leave a legacy of which we can be proud or do we want put up a huge monstrosity over the concerns of people who have lived here for decades?’ The honest answer was that we’re loaded and can still make good money working with the community.”

Smitharooni’s trademark dimples and square, manly jaw widened to a broad, irresistible grin when he said “we’re actually going to do the right thing. Can you believe it?”

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