Managing Working From Home In The Summer With Kids-Small Business Corner

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Managing working from home in the summer with kids-Small Business Corner

Summer break is coming.

Many work-from-home parents live for the routine and drive of the school year. So, how do you balance it all with the kids being home for the summer?

Working from home is difficult. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity, to pull it altogether.

Plan ahead!

Put a plan together that works for you and your family and focus on structure. Having a plan for your day in advance the night before will be your greatest means for success. Nap times, lunch breaks, and other activities can continue as planned, but with you leading the way, and setting the tone.

Alter your schedule

You could probably get in an hour or two of quality work time before the kids get up. Same goes for after bedtime, when they are asleep. As a small business owner you can determine your own schedule, supporting clients on the days and during the hours that work best for you and your kids, which will in turn make time management much easier on everyone.


We all want our kids to have a healthy balance between electronics and other activities. Therefore, try to limit them to when you are trying to get some work done.


You can even use supplies that you have around the house. There are so many cute summer craft ideas out there that the biggest problem will be choosing which one to do first!


Summer camp can be a sanity saver for everyone! There should be plenty of options at all price points available all summer long. Check your local Youth Center, local YMCAs, dance/gymnastics/martial arts studios, zoos and museums for summer programs for your child(ren).

Remember to be kind to yourself. You will survive this summer working from home with kids. Your kids will have fun this summer. You will have fun this summer!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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