Office decor tips to maximize your productivity – Small Business Corner  

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Office decor tips to maximize your productivity – Small Business Corner

Did you know that the environment you are in can make you more productive at work? There are a ton of incredibly simple and economical decor tricks you can integrate into your home office that will make you feel more energized, inspired and motivated to take on the day! No matter the interior circumstances you are working with, go ahead and try some of these ideas to create a happier, healthier and more productive workspace.


Optimizing your lighting is one of the best ways to boost your energy and reduce the eye strain that comes from trying to read with low lights.  If you are able, maximize the natural light you are working with as much as possible by utilizing sheer, breezy window treatments rather than heavy and dense ones. Also, opting for bright white bulbs will make a BIG difference in your daily energy reserves.


Decluttering makes it easier to get things done! Clutter around your office can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Therefore, you will want to aim to keep your office as simple and clutter-free as possible.


Color is packed with so much productivity potential! Identify colors you find personally inspiring and include them wherever you can into your home working environment.


Adding plants to your workspace will bring feel-good vibes while purifying your air and plants offer more opportunities to alter and augment your interior with decorative pots and vases! Win win!


Incorporating neat and tidy storage boxes to hold things like writing utensils, papers before they are processed, and miscellaneous office supplies will instantly make your space appear more organized and make it a whole lot easier to keep it that way!

So often our work spaces can end up feeling a little too “office” and not enough “home,” or vice versa. Ultimately, we should make efforts to make our workspace as productive and efficient as possible. We hope these tips can help you to strike the right balance!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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