Tips for running your small business during summer break – Small Business Corner

A woman is writing on a laptop while sitting at a table with her children, balancing work and family schedules during the summer.
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Tips for running your small business during summer break-Small Business Corner

Having the kids at home for the summer can affect your small business’s productivity when you are trying to balance your work and family schedules. We put together some tips to help you succeed not only as a small business owner but as a parent over the summer break.

Alter your work schedule

If possible, you could begin your day earlier and dedicate some time in the evenings so that you have time to spend with your kids and be available for their schedules and activities during the day. Play around with different working hours outside of the normal 9-5 and see what works and what doesn’t.


Set clear rules with your kids on when they can and cannot interrupt you during work hours. Do the same for clients and customers. You will be glad that you took the steps to ensure that you are in control of your own time.


Delegate any tasks you can to those that work for you and with you. Delegation can serve as a personal development opportunity for members of your team and take work off of your plate.

Ask for help

Let managing kids over the summer be a team effort. You can reach out to other parents/caregivers for playdates and group activities. When/if family members or friends offer to watch the kids, be sure to take them up on it!

Try to remember that working from home over summer break is only temporary. Balancing kids and work can be challenging, but give yourself some grace and try to enjoy your summer too!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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