How to keep Milton pups and people happy this spring

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How to keep Milton pups and people happy this spring

The birds are singing, the Spring peepers are peeping, sunset is later and the sun is warmer. Spring has finally sprung and after this winter of “hibernation” every living creature wants to be outside!

Sometimes an issue arises when dogs and people want to enjoy the same space.

How do we keep everyone safe and happy?

The leash law is designed to do just that. Milton requires all dogs be on a physical leash (no remote collars and retractable leashes are not recommended) when not on their own property.A leash keeps a dog from getting lost, tangling with other

dogs or wildlife, scaring children or adults who are afraid of or don’t like (gasp!) dogs. It can also prevent your dog from getting into something dangerous. All great reasons for keeping dogs on leash and under control!

Many residents with dogs enjoy going to parks/playing fields. Please check signage at these areas as dogs are not allowed on the fields but may be allowed to leash walk in certain areas. People have disagreed with this policy but again there are valid reasons for this. Aside from the reasons above, dogs can actually ruin the field grass with urine, and leave divots or holes from running and/or digging which can be dangerous. This is costly to fix and town budgets are stretched to the limits without having to do extra work like this.

DCR properties require dogs to be on leash. Many of the trails are narrow in parts and hikers, bicyclists, and horses have the right to safely use these trails without fear of off leash dogs approaching them. **For horses this can even be the cause of a serious or deadly accident for a horse or rider. **

There are lots of options for dogs and owners who feel that time running off leash is necessary.

How about inviting one or two compatible dogs to play in your (fenced) yard one or 2 days a week? The yard doesn’t have to be big for the dogs to have fun!Off leash dogs are allowed in the wooded area in the very back of Cunningham Park for Milton residents – remember to keep your dog in sight and have a good recall so your dog doesn’t run out of that area.

There are lots of dog parks in surrounding towns if your dog can handle that environment.

  • JB’s Indoor Dog Park in Norwell is another great option.
  • A car ride and play?? Stodder’s Neck and Bare Cove Park are great options not too far away!

You want to give your dog some freedom but he/she does not have a perfect recall? A long line is a great option! 10, 15, 30 or 50 feet gives plenty of freedom and you still have control.

If we all follow the rules and respect each other’s right to use these wonderful options, we will all have a safe and happy Spring!

Contributed by Nancy Bersani, Milton’s Animal Control Officer.

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