Milton’s Board of Selectmen requests meeting with FAA and Massport

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Milton Board of Selectmen to FAA: Enough!

In a letter to Amy Lind Corbett, Regional Director of the FAA and Thomas Glynn, CEO of Massport, Milton’s Board of Selectmen indicated their displeasure with the increasing burden of planes over Milton due to the FAA’s NextGen Satellite technology.

Though the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator Ann Marie Fagan have notified the FAA and Massport of the adverse effects of the RNAV system over Milton, they have received little or no response, according to the letter.

The letter notes:

“The implementation of the RNAV system has unduly burdened the Town of Milton. As you know, four runways… place air traffic over Milton. Last year, the FAA proposed to add two more RNAVS… to the sky over Milton. If implemented, the FAA’s proposal would result in five RNAVs over Milton, a scenario that is wholly unacceptable to us. Our town receives a disproportionate share of air traffic while some communities near Logan Airport receive littlel air traffic. That is inequitable and unsustainable over the long term.”

Read the full letter from the Board of Selectmen:


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