Manning Park overpass impasse remains

What's your opinion of the shutdown of the overpass on Adams Street?What's your opinion of the shutdown of the overpass on Adams Street?
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Town says “no decisions made” on Manning Park

In response to this week’s opinion piece by John Cronin, the Town of Milton issued this message:

Recent reports on social media about the status of the East Milton overpass/M. Joseph Manning Community Park are incomplete. The Town has received the attached letters about the project from the Federal Highway Administration and the Mass. Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen are continuing to work with state and federal officials toward a solution. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

Editor’s Note:

It’s been an astonishing six years since the town closed Adams Street for what was supposed to be a two-week test. Overwhelmingly, the residents of Milton want Adams Street opened back up in order to alleviate some of the gridlock in the square.

The overall sentiment on social media is that residents don’t really care if the park remains or a parking lot goes in as long as Adams Street is reopened.

There must be room for compromise!

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