Peter Dunn announces Candidacy for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7

Peter Dunn and familyPeter Dunn and family
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Peter Dunn to run for TMM for Precinct 7

Hi Everyone. My name is Peter Dunn and I am running for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7.

I hope to help keep Milton a great place to live and raise a family.

My wife, Melissa, and I have lived in town for over 12 years. We have two daughters who attend Collicot and a third who will start there next year. I am a graduate of UMass Amherst and Boston College Law School. I am also a former Army Reserve officer. I practice business law in Boston.

I am running for town meeting because I care deeply about our town and about Precinct 7 and hope to continue my service to both. I have been active in the East Milton Neighborhood Association serving as a Vice President, Director and chair of its traffic and safety committee. I have participated in our campaign for air traffic fairness helping to organize our informational presentations at MassPort and forming our new non-profit.

Milton has many great things going for it: great schools, diversity, proximity to Boston, the Blue Hills, and its many, many terrific people. It also faces challenges parking, traffic, airplane noise and pollution and fiscal issues to name a few. To maintain and enhance services while not overly-relying on overrides, town policy makers need to be encouraged to find new sources of revenue such as enhancing the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program with large non-profits and encouraging commercial development without sacrificing our residents’ quality of life. East Milton’s challenges include parking and traffic, development issues concerning East Milton Square and airplane noise and pollution brought on by the implementation of the FAA’s NextGen system. The concerns of East Milton residents on these issues must be heard and I hope that I can help to do that at town meeting.

I hope that, on April 25th, you will consider supporting me for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7.  Thank you!

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